How to make Timetable for UPSC

UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission) is not a name of word this million of Inspiration and dreams of mind to Crack UPSC. UPSC is a long year process. It requires consistent, dedicated efforts for own ways .make Timetable for UPSC I feel preparation should be flexible and consistent at the same time.
If you start UPSC preparation to remember on your weekends, you will have more time on your hands. Use that time wisely. Even if you don’t study, indulge in these activities that will help you in you IAS exam one way or the other. You could play brain games or any other physical activity.
Timetable for UPSC
Timetable for UPSC

How to make Timetable for UPSC and Working Professionals

1. Try to start UPSC preparation as soon as possible don’t get late in doing UPSC Preparation. Many of my close friends have lost numerous important year of their youth in UPSC Preparation.
2. Join a Good Coaching and Daily follow its routine keeping UPSC Syllabus and question in mind.
3. Decide optional based on your interest and not on what people recommenced. If you better on good with optional then you will always scored great.
4. Avoid distractions each as you can Social Media, Negative News, Marriage Love or Lust affairs, and always Believe yourself.
5. You might start by starting for 4 Hours and gradually increase it 6-10 Hours days.
6. Take good care of the Fitness.

What is required of you to make follow a Daily Timetable for UPSC Preparation?

  • Honesty
First of all, you must be Honest with yourselves. Achieving the IAS Dream is not for the faint-hearted. The Journey is a thorn- filled one you must be ready to prick yourself to get the rose at the end of it. If you are willing to work hard and diligent go and make yourself a plan and don’t rest until you check all the boxes.
  • Seriousness
You must be absolutely serious about your IAS dreams and you IAS preparation. Don’t take it lightly and as a “time pass” course. You are wasting your time if you are doing so. Don’t have the attitude. I will give it a shot, let’s see what happens. Luck will not to make you an IAS officer. Only your work and efforts will.
  • Discipline
When you make a timetable, you are bound to follow it. Only a disciplined lifestyle will help you do it. Why is the army so efficient? It is because of their discipline and their strict adherence to time. So , if you want to Crack the UPSC Civil Service Exam, you must inculcate discipline. This will help you not only to clear the IAS exam but also in your life in the future.
  • Perseverance
Perseverance refers to your persistence to the extent of being stubborn in your determination to achieve something despite it being difficult. Have a timetable and be determine to follow it to be.
  • Maintain Your Health
You must maintain good physical and mental health if you want to do all that you wrote out in your study schedule. In fact the first sleeping stone to any fret height is good health. Eat right, sleep well, exercise, and remain stress-free.
  • Timetable for UPSC During prelims.
    1. Woke up gave a test every alternate day. Then analysis for 1-2 hours.
    2. Read newspaper/ current affairs for one Hours daily.
    3. Studying all static portion(2 hour slot each)
    4. Solving more questions gave test without timing or scoring and regular revision.
      • So while consistently is putting in your best effort each day, flexibility is having daily variation in your timetable by reducing the number of hours in a cyclic manner.
      • Understand the needs of your mind and body.
      • Take regular breaks.
      • Go for walks
      • Meditate and Yoga.

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