How to crack NDA in first attempt

How to crack NDA in first attempt is today topics- NDA is one of the most prestigious jobs to server for a Nation. NDA is stand for National Defence Academy it was one of the dream jobs for NDA Aspirants. Not a other then a jobs then NDA is a dream for serve for nation through the NDA Khadawasla. NDA aspirants all sacrifice the for these jobs. NDA is not a job for aspirants it was a whole life dream to serve on country and own shoulder of the batches and wear a lieutenant uniform.

National Defence Academy is one of the oldest military training center and it was the one of the first those all army force, Air force, and Indian Navy these are all together training for one roof of the under because if any such as situation will be create then help to each other for different army fields.

But NDA Khadawasla is not a easily ways to goes on it these are lots of hard work and determine and self-confidence and self-discussion and very mentally fits. But these are process of the NDA Khadawasla open the door but some own show the knowledge to crack the NDA then you go the Khadawasla

In this topic will be discuss very easily ways to How to crack NDA in first attempt NDA in first attempt and last 3 months and How to crack NDA it what will strategies to crack the NDA exam and all toppers’ strategies to how work on it then crack the NDA exam in first attempt with the 12th appearing students.

Let discuss the all matter and all syllabus how much time to get for Math and GAT section and how much question will correct then clear the math cut-off and what strategies to follow the toppers. Stay connected the article all doubts will be cover to face on it these topics will be all doubts clearing easily and these articles are solving the all problem for NDA preparation time. Then start the topics How to crack NDA.

How to crack NDA in first attempt
How to crack NDA in first attempt/How to crack NDA

How to crack NDA Math Cut-off

How to crack NDA in first attempt:- Math is one of the most important parts for the clear the NDA exam because if you crack the NDA exam then we first clear the math cut-off papers then let’s discuss for how to clear math cut-off math paper. Let’s know that Paper 1 mathematics.

Aspirants who are willing to crack NDA examinations must acquire excellent clutch on Mathematical abilities as one-third of the total written test mark are determined by this section. The candidates have to attempt 120 questions carrying 300 marks in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

If you are average students for the math then no problems many of students to arts stream then crack the NDA exam but how will be more scoring the marks to crack NDA exam.

1. Number Algebra (25-30 Questions)

There are around 5-8 questions which are usually statement based from Sets, Relation and Function, 8-11 questions are asked from Complex number and Quadratic equations, 4-8 questions are these from Arithmetic and Geometric progressive and 8-10 questions from Permutation and Combination Binomial theorem, Binary number and Logarithms.

2. Trigonometry (15-20 Questions)

The questions from this topic are entirely based on the 11th and 12th class syllabus and 10-12 questions are based on simple trigonometric ratios and identities, 2-4 questions are there from Inverse trigonometric and 2-1 question height and distance and properties of Triangle.

3. Differential Calculus (20-25 Questions)

This section is one of the most important sections and includes questions from various topics.10-12 questions asked from functions, limits and continuity and differentiability, 4-6 questions are based on finding Maxima and Minima, 6-8 questions are based in determine increasing and decreasing functions and the remaining question includes fundamentals of differentiate and its applications. 

4.Statistics and Probability (16-20 Questions)

This is one the most scoring section and this section includes tricky as well as calculative questions. Around 8-10 questions are there from Probability and around 8-10 remaining from statistics which involves finding Mean, Median, Mode or other Central tendency of the given data.

Conclusion- [These are the 4 sections if you are clear then easily cut-off cross on it because math cut-off hardly to go 75to90 belong to each number then if you are focus on these special topics then easily clear the math paper and other of topics will be miss on it then your math paper cut-off will be easily clear for the good marks.]

5.Analytical Geometry of Two and Three Dimension (10-20 Questions)

6. Matrices and Determine (3-12 Questions)

7. Integral Calculus and Differential Equations (8-12 Questions)

8. Vector Algebra (5-8 Questions)

But such of students only focus on complete syllabus NDA is conducted by UPSC and UPSC is a Unpredicted Public Service Commission then we only focus for those chapters who was good scoring marking but many students only focus for complete syllabus but these discuss will be very wrong because, Math is only for give the Cut-off but GAT give a rank but average of students to miss the GAT and only focus on math paper.

If you are math paper easily clear the cut-off then follow the articles if you good for the Algebra 35 Questions + Trigonometry 10 Questions, Statistics and Probability 20 Questions. 35+10+20= 65 (Every mark will be carries 3 marks then total has 195 marks)

And your math cut-off is only 70 to 80 below these are very easiest chapter to average students every student will be good or average on these chapters.

But if you complete all question then your limits of give will plot 2 hours and 30 minutes only to give for the math paper then very difficult to clear the all questions. Then only selective chapters will very covers will be very short time and very good marks will be clear the cut-off for the NDA Math paper.

Some basics tips for Math preparation time follow

  • Use the Tricks method to solve questions
  • At least 10 years pervious years question solve
  • Questions will be repeated pervious years
  • Clear the all formulas
  • Always Motivated on it
  • Never give up
How to crack NDA in first attempt
How to crack NDA in first attempt/How to crack NDA

Paper 2 General Ability Test (GAT)

How to crack NDA :- Paper 2 of the NDA examination is General Ability Test which is of 600 marks. It is divided into two parts “A” is General English for 200 Marks with 50 Questions and Part ”B” is General Knowledge for 400 marks with 100 questions. Maximum time for this 2 Hours 30 Minutes.

GAT is one of the ranking features for the NDA paper because these are total marks for 600 marks and math only for cut-off purpose then GAT gives for the ranks and most important parts of Paper 2 is –

General English

General English forms an essential part of General Ability Test of NDA exam which consist of 50 questions. On the basis of observed that this section covers various topics.

  1. Synonyms (5-10 Questions)
  2. Antonym (5-10 Questions) both are asked usually in word form not in sentence form.
  3. Spotting the errors (10-15 questions) deals with the errors in use of Preposition, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Tenses and Conjunctions etc.
  4. Sentence Improvement (10-12 Questions)
  5. Fillers (6-10 Questions)
  6. Reconstruction of sentence and Paragraphs (2-10 Questions) in an easy section where candidate has to arrange the sentences in a proper order or sequences.

English is very important play role to crack NDA exam in first attempt, If your English is weeks then improve the English because English is every place to help to such as SSB Interview and our Written Paper.

  • Improve English Day by Day
  • English Basics Clear
  • Daily Read English Newspaper least one paragraph
  • Try to solve Previous Years
  • Focus on weeks sections

General Science

How to crack NDA in first attempt
How to crack NDA/How to crack NDA

Physics (20-25 Questions)

  1. From Units and Dimension (1-2 Questions)
  2. Kinematics Section around (3-4 Question) are asked in this section Acceleration, Distance and Displacement.
  3. Newton Law of Motion (1-2 Questions) are asked in this section like Momentum and impulse
  4. Work, Power and Energy arounds (1-2 Questions)
  5. Gravitation and simple Harmonic Motion (2-3 Questions)
  6. Light Section (3-4 Question) are asked as from Image formation by mirror and lenses (concave and Convex)
  7. Apart from all these sections, almost 6-7 questions are asked from one of the major topics (Current electricity like series and parallel connections, Magnet, Thermal effect of electricity, Modern Physics and Nucleus or Radioactivity)

If you only focus on section (2,6,7) these sections are important for goods scoring marks for physics. If these will be calculated then 15*4= 60 is very good score for Physics.

  • Basics Clear Class 10,11,12
  • Read Previous Years Questions
  •  Only these sections complete
  • Only for Clear Doubt

Chemistry (10-18 Questions)

Science section of NDA chemistry comprise around (15-18) questions. This section is classified into three sub-group based on its properties.

  1. From some basics concept of chemistry 8-10 Questions are asked from physics or chemical changes, elements, mixture and compounds, Laws of chemistry combination, atomic structure and redox reactions.
  2. From organic section 6-7 Questions are asked from Carbon and its compounds, Fertilizers, air and water, carbon dioxide and some important chemical compounds.
  3. From 2-3 Questions are asked Acids Base and salt, chemical equivalent and classification of elements.

Biology (6-8 Questions)

  1. The Living-World (1-2 Questions)
  2. Health and Nutrition Section (2-3 Questions)
  3. Genetics and Cell Biology (1-2 Questions)
  4. Animal and Plant Morphology and Physiology (1-2 Questions)

General Studies

History (20-13 Questions)

After analyzing the previous years questions papers of the NDA examination, we have derived that around 22-25 questions asked from the History Section. The section has been slitted into Four sub-part.

  1. From Ancient History (3-4 Questions) are asked from topics like Harappan Civilizations, Buddhism and Jainism, Mauryan Empire and the Gupta age, South Indian empire
  2. Arounds 4-5 Questions cover the Medieval History of India
  3. Most important section Modern History (9-10 Questions) are asked with focus on 1857 revolt, Socio Religious Reforms movement, Formation and sessions of congress, Freedom movement, Books and Authors.
  4. World History (3-4 Questions) Revolutions like Russian, American, Germany and French Revolution, World War 1 and 2 etc.

Geography (22-25 Questions)

This section is most scoring marks for GAT papers. We can conclude that approximately 22-24 are asked from geography. This section can be divided into three boards sections to analyses the pattern of questions asked in the exam.

  1. Indian Geography has important weightage in the exam. 2-3 Questions are asked from topics like origin of Earth, Time zone, Types of rocks, Mountains, etc. Further 2-3 Questions are related the structure and composition of Atmosphere, Oceans, Cyclones and Anticyclones etc. 7-8 Questions cover topics like important like important industries, mineral and power sources in India, agriculture pattern in India etc.
  2. Basics Concept of World Geography (4-5 Questions)
  3. Environment and Ecology part is also covered in this section about (4-5 Questions)

Polity (10-20 Questions)

It can be asserted that polity has its due place with a good number of (8-10 Questions) in the exam. Various aspects of polity have been asked in the following ways.

  1. Around (2-3 Questions) are asked from the Constitution of India from the topics like Preamble, Fundamental Rights and duties, Directive principle of state policies.
  2. Executive and Legislature has been allotted 2-3 questions
  3. Scheduled and Article in the constitution of India (3-4 Questions)

Economy (5-6 Questions)

Current Affairs (6-8 Questions)

If you scoring goods marks for Gat paper then focus on English Paper and Physics and Geography section these to help very goods marks for GAT papers if these three subjects only focus then good marks obtains its calculated it

English 50 Questions

Physics 25 Questions

Geography 25 Questions

Total 100*4= 400+195 math papers= 595

How to crack NDA :- These number will be become your toppers list but some extra effort create for own side then will become goods and such types of marks will be obtains the NDA papers marks.

How to crack NDA in first attempt

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